The Process

Due to demand Ainslie’s books open up once every month or so for a short window to allow new pieces to be scheduled.

The “open book day” will always be announced ahead of time on the Vintage Karma Facebook page.

1. On booking day call 217-253-2553 or stop in the shop to leave a $50 deposit and book the consultation.

2. Day of consultation:  Sit down with Ainslie to discuss and design options for your new piece.  This can take up to an hour, and you will see a rough working design of what your tattoo will look like.

3. At this point, you will book the appointment for your tattoo.  The $50 minimum deposit already left goes toward the final price of the tattoo.  Read the full booking policy HERE.

4. Get tattooed! Sometimes multiple visits will be required depending on the size of the piece, or if multiple passes are needed to fully cover a difficult older tattoo.

5. Enjoy your new tattoo!