The Process

Due to Covid-19, I have been operating differently and expect changes going forward as we evolve things at Vintage Karma to work more efficiently for everyone.  I appreciate your patience while we wrestle with reschedules and closures etc.   -Ainslie

BOOKS CURRENTLY CLOSED: Check back soon for the new booking process being unveiled in early 2021!

Currently Ainslie is only working with one client per day to give them his full attention and focus. When you arrive for your appointment we will take your temperature and have you fill out some waivers. Then you will sit with Ainslie to do a full consultation to discuss your tattoo as you watch it come to life on the iPad. Once everyone is happy with the rough concept then the tattooing will begin. Doing the consultation same day has been working out very well for everyone thus far and has allowed Ainslie to focus entirely on you and only you while creating your masterpiece. The experience is like being the guest of honor for the day at an exclusive speakeasy. Need to take a break? No problem! Need something to drink? Grab a complimentary beverage from our cooler! This is your day!