Vintage Karma  
110 W. Sale St. Tuscola, IL 61953

30 minutes South of Champaign-Urbana.

2.5 hours West of Indianapolis
2.5 hours South of Chicago
2.5 hours Northeast of St. Louis

Tue-Sat: 12pm-7pm
Closed: Sun and Mon

Call us at 217-253-2553
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“The time that he spent on the consultation proved to me that he truly cared about my needs and he wanted to do a great job. It was impressive.” (more…)

Sarah Sloan

“They made the entire experience wonderful and turned my nightmare into a dream. It’s difficult when you get a bad tattoo and you think it’s impossible to fix, but if you bring it to Ainslie they will work their magic and make you wonder why you didn’t go there in the beginning.” (more…)

Allison Woodworth

“Ainslie did an amazing job and the placement matched up perfectly. You can’t even tell it was a coverup. I’m very happy that I finally have a piece that I love and my grandma would too.”


Ashley Lantz

“Ainslie listened intently to what I was envisioning, then took pictures, printed them off and began to sketch a rough draft of his interpretation of my concept. In ten minutes, the rough draft was done. I was completely blown away by what lay in front of me!” (more…)

Rick Scott

“The coverup that he did was amazing. It even has my father, who is against tattoos, rethinking his thoughts on them. He even said it’s great art. ” (more…)

Bobby Greenstone

“I’m fixing mistakes that I made when I was younger. I couldn’t ask for anything more; they’re really good people. They make you feel welcome. They make you feel like you’re more than just a client. The tattoos I got are just amazing.” (more…)

Tony Dellorso

“I got a smaller tattoo of my own with some watercolor work. And I knew I wanted him to redo my nurse…Now she is sexy again.” (more…)

Michelle Dellorso

“Started with a bad tattoo.. Like, BAD. Finally decided to take care of it and so I had a cover up started. I just wasn’t happy with the progress, and I decided to seek other opinions. Found Ainslie and liked his previous work. We met and discussed options and was very pleased with the direction he suggested to take my cover up. He took a cover up to a whole new level. VERY pleased! Would highly recommend him!” (more…)

Lucas Pryor

“After a while I decided to finally pull the trigger and get the bad mistake covered up with something really meaningful…So after a few long years of having a terrible decision on my arm, I got it covered up with an amazing half sleeve.”


Jordan Hallett